Projects made by some of our members,
from mobile applications to artificial intelligence and machine learning.


by Jehoshaph Chandran, Shashank Khanna, Parav Nagarsheth, and Takashi Wickes

Uses iBeacon technology to get a notification when you are nearby a beacon. Learn more about the location and post stories for other to view.


by Susanne Chan, John Henning, Nikhil Thota, and Takashi Wickes

An attachable device using Particle Spark Core and proximity sensor to convert urinal sensors into smart sensors. This reduces 70-90% of water usave, saving approximately 32,000 gallons of water annually.


by JR Aviles, Troy Gittelmacher, Bernard Marger, and Faizan Virani

View the status of a firearm on a web application to ensure that your firearm is secure at all times.


by Collin Irwin, and Killian McCoy

Users can identify a famous landmark in any picture on the internet and discover ways to travel there as easily (and inexpensively) as possible.


by Kevin Chow, John Henning, Chris Pirillo, and Prince Wilson

Captures an image of an ASL character and using neural networks, outputs a potential character it corresponds to.