Who are we?

Mission Statement and Identity.
What are our goals and motivations?


  • Transform innovative ideas into top projects.
  • Expand your network and create lasting relationships with hackers from all over the world.
  • Foster a creative, collaborative, welcoming environment of passionate individuals.
  • Encourage students to develop solutions based on an original and unconventional approach.
  • Guide new programmers who seek to improve their technical skills.
  • Network with major companies to receive advice and mentorship from the representatives.


We are a special interest group that is part of a much larger community – the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ACM dedicates itself to the promotion of computer science research, education, and involvement within the students of the CISE department. In addition, UF Hackathoners is also part of Florida Hackers, working towards sending students from all Florida universities to hackathons around the country.